Sell your house with Select Villas

10 Jul 2019
Sell your house with Select Villas

Do you want to sell your house and do not know where to start? We put ourselves in your place and we understand you perfectly. Sell your house with Select Villas and our intervention will provide you with a pleasant, comfortable and simple selling process.

Sell a property and, above all, if it is in a country different from yours, you can produce the logical anxiety caused mainly by:

  • Ignorance of the necessary legal procedures that must be carried out.
  • The distance , if you live in another locality or country.
  • Lack of command of the language where the property is sold.

If you want to sell your house in Spain, we recommend that you trust professionals like us.

SELECT VILLAS has a long career in the real estate sector that we want to put at your service so that the sale of your house on the Costa Blanca does not cause stress and you relax.

We know perfectly the Spanish legislation related to real estate transactions, so we will inform you widely about all the steps you must follow.

In addition, we will supervise those procedures that you must perform personally.

If, on the other hand, you are from another country and do not speak Spanish fluently, we offer you the advantage that our international agents are multilingual and speak the main European languages perfectly.

We will be happy to explain to you widely, in your language, all those doubts that the specific legal vocabulary produces.

Sell your house with SELECT VILLAS and benefit from great advantages

Select Villas wants to reward its exclusive clients with the reduction of its commission. Therefore, sell your house with SELECT VILLAS exclusively and our sales commission will be reduced to one (4%).

Our office has a large global coverage , as we collaborate with more than 25 real estate portals and property agencies.

In addition to our associated websites, we also collaborate with other national and international websites, as well as with local or international real estate agencies .

In some cases, we also advertise in specialized real estate magazines.

How does SELECT VILLAS work to sell your house?

SELECT VILLAS identifies itself with the accomplishment of a constant work, a kind and personalized customer service and honest service.

Our greatest reward is when our clients recommend us to their acquaintances or when they return to make another real estate transaction.

If you have chosen to sell your house

We are the connection between the two parties during the period of payment on account.

One of our fundamental objectives is to achieve the satisfaction of both parties, both the seller and the buyer, so that the process of selling the home unfolds in an enjoyable way.

We promise to inform you, as soon as possible, of the impressions produced by potential buyers visiting your home.

To contact us fill in the form that appears on the web or send us an email

Telephones: +34 966 490 861 | +34 616 002 993

Address: Avda. De Madrid, 5 - 03724 Moraira (Alicante).

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