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Access the recordings of our webinars, which are full of information about the most important aspects of residency in Spain

18 May 2021

What steps do I have to follow to buy a property in Costa Blanca? What types of residence visas are there in Spain? What documentation do I need to reside legally in Spain? Where can I apply for a residence certificate? All the most frequently asked questions about Spanish residency were dealt with in detail in our two previous webinars:

Webinar 9 April

  • Golden Visa
  • Non-lucrative visa
  • Buying procedure


Webinar 7 May

  • Residence permit
  • Tax implications
  • Health cover
  • Private health insurance

If you have plans to move overseas to Costa Blanca and are looking for up to date information on residency in Spain, contact Select Villas and we will provide you with the recording of the webinars so that you can take note of the most important aspects quietly from the sofa of your home.

Send us an email to and we will quickly send you the link to the recordings.


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