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​Preparing your property for selling: follow our useful tips and increase your chances of a sale

26 Jul 2022

Did you know that it takes a potential buyer about 3 seconds to know if the property interests them or not? That's the time you have to grab the attention of your prospective buyers. At SELECT VILLAS we want to help you shorten the time it takes to sell your property.

Our team works very hard to get more viewings and more people interested in buying your property, but to maximise the chances of a sale it is important that the owner presents their property in the right way. Here are some tips on how to prepare your property:

Keep your property clean and tidy

Make sure your potential buyers get a good impression of your home:

  • Indoors: sweep, clean the windows, leave the kitchen and bathrooms sparkling, put away the children's toys or any junk you may have in the way, tidy the rooms, keep them well ventilated…
  • Outdoors: keep the pool area spotless, remove weeds from the garden, take the clothes off the clothesline...

Depersonalise spaces

Remove all personal objects from view such as family pictures, cuddly toys, clothes... Ideally, you should simplify the spaces in the house so that the buyer feels as if they are moving into it for the first time, with no emotional ties to the past.

Think about an inventory

What items of furniture are you going to take with you, is there anything you want to sell or willing to include in the sale... If you have some very old furniture or accessories, you may want to change them to create a more modern feel. Changes don't have to be expensive, even adding or replacing cushions or pictures can make a difference.

Boost the natural light

Make sure that the bulbs are working properly and, if possible, that they emit a nice, bright light. During viewings and photo shoots, leave the blinds up and curtains open to maximise light and enhance the views outside.

Do those repairs! 

Take a look around the house and make a note of any damage and possible improvements such as: replacing burnt out light bulbs, putting a coat of paint in the rooms, decorative plants, a welcome mat to bring a smile on visitors' faces, etc.

Pets yes or no?

During the visit, it is recommended that pets are kept out of area, as we don't know if the people visiting your property are animal lovers or on the contrary, they are afraid. It is therefore, better not to take the risk.

With these recommendations and a successful SELECT VILLAS sales agent, your property will go from "LISTED" to "SOLD" in no time

If you want to sell your property in Costa Blanca in the shortest possible time and at a better price, follow our advice and trust in the marketing and expertise of our successful sales agents. We know how to find your ideal buyer; it's part of our many years of experience.

Why don't you contact us and we can start attracting quality visitors to your property immediately? Here are our contact details:

  • Telephone / Mobile: + 34 966 490 861 | + 34 616 002 993
  • Email:
  • Address: Avenida de Madrid 5, 03724 Moraira, Alicante
  • Fill in the form on our "Sellers" page and one of our real estate agents in Moraira will contact you immediately


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