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Are You Ready to Sell Your Property? Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

5 Jun 2024

Selling your home can be both exciting and a bit daunting! But before you put up the "For Sale" sign, making your home look its best is the key to attracting potential buyers.

Here are some practical tips from the team at Select Villas of Moraira to help get your home ready to market!

Tips for Home Clearance and Staging


1. Declutter Thoroughly

  • Start Early: Begin decluttering as soon as you decide to sell. This gives you ample time to sort through belongings and make decisions.
  • Room-by-Room: Tackle each room individually to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Focus on the kitchen, lounge, master bedroom and terrace, Naya outdoor spaces. Sort items into categories: Keep, Donate, Sell, and Discard.
  • Maximise Storage: Use wardrobes, cabinets, under-bed storage and baskets to keep items hidden.
  • Functionality First: Ensure each room has a clear purpose. Less is more!
  • Inherited Properties: If dealing with an inherited property we can recommend trustworthy services for house clearing and de-cluttering, saving you time and personal stress during this difficult time.

2. Tidy Up Your Home

  • Professional Cleaning: If your villa isn't regularly lived in, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to give it a spruce before property photos and videos are taken.
  • Outside Maintenance: Keep the outside clean and tidy. Check the gardens and terraces. Ensure the pool is maintained and sparkling. No-one wants to see a green pool! 
  • Check Underbuilds and Sheds: Often these areas have been the storage go-to for years, rooms crammed full and collecting dust can put buyers off.

3. Repair and Refresh

  • Fix Minor Issues: Address minor repairs like cracked tiles, loose cupboards and visible hairline cracks across walls. Anything that looks broken or doesn't work can put buyers off or reduce the value.
  • Neutral Paint: Refresh walls with neutral paint or clean them with sugar soap.

Why is Home Staging Important?

Home staging is about preparing your property to appeal to the widest range of buyers. It's about showcasing the full potential of your home and creating a welcoming atmosphere that buyers can easily envision themselves living in.

  • Increased Appeal: A well-staged villa grabs buyers' attention and makes them linger longer on listings and during viewings.
  • You can hire the services of Professional home staging services, which for properties over one million euros is a worthwhile investment. Otherwise, you can follow these Home Staging Tips!

1. First Impressions Start Outside

  • Spruce Up the Exterior: Mow lawns, trim hedges, and weed gardens.
  • Power Wash: Clean terraces and patios.
  • Check the Pool: Ensure the pool is clean and well-maintained.
  • Outdoor Areas: Set up seating areas to show how the space can be used for relaxing or entertaining.  For example, a bistro two-seater table and chairs is perfect for romantic al fresco dining on an apartment balcony, whereas a large sofa set is a good choice to show off spaces for family entertaining. Ensure outdoor furniture is clean and in good condition and add pops of colour with cushions and throws.

2. Maximise Space and Light

  • Furniture Arrangement: Highlight the flow and function of each room.
  • Natural Light: Open blinds and curtains to let in natural light. Clean windows and fix broken blinds.
  • Use Mirrors: Place mirrors to reflect light and create a sense of space.
  • Improve Lighting: Add lamps if necessary to brighten up the space.

3. Small Touches, Big Impact

  • Neutral Decor: Use tasteful decor with pops of colour from throw pillows or flowers. Make up the beds, even by using a throw it looks better than a plain mattress! Empty rooms often look smaller so it helps to have some furniture to show how the space can be used.
  • Set the Scene: Stage key areas, like setting the dining table or creating a cosy reading nook.
  • Showcase Selling Points: Emphasise your homes key features, like fireplaces and built-in shelving.

4. Freshen Up the Scent

  • Pleasant Aromas: Use subtle, natural scents like fresh flowers, scented oil diffusers and air fresheners to combat dampness, hide pet odours and create an inviting fresh smell.

Maximise Your Costa Blanca Sale: Get a Free Consultation with Select Villas Today!

Preparing your home for sale involves effort, but the results are worth it. Clearing out unnecessary items and staging your home to highlight its best features creates an inviting environment for buyers. Remember, the goal is to help buyers envision themselves living in your space, so keep things neutral, clean, and welcoming.

While these home staging tips will give your villa a great foundation, at Select Villas of Moraira, we have the expertise to maximise your property's value and attract the right buyers.

Don’t wait! Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation. We understand the importance of making a great first impression. Our team is here to provide you with expert advice and support throughout the selling process to ensure your property shines in the local market and attracts qualified buyers!

Discover the comprehensive range of services we offer vendors and explore the benefits of partnering with Select Villas of Moraira and see why we are Simply the Best!

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