Properties for sale in Imperial Park in Calpe

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Properties for sale in Imperial Park in Calpe

Are you interested in our Properties for sale in Imperial Park in Calpe? This town is famous for its spectacular beaches that attract visitors and residents alike. In fact, just a short distance from Imperial Park, these beaches offer a perfect getaway to relax and immerse yourself in the natural beauty that surrounds this charming town.

Here are some of the most famous beaches in Calpe and the approximate distance from the city center:

  1. Beach Fossa : Known for its golden sand and crystal clear waters, Beach Fossa is located just 1 kilometer from Imperial Park, making it an ideal option to enjoy a sunny day without going too far.
  2. Beach Calalga : About 2 kilometers from Imperial Park in Calpe, Beach Calalga is a natural wonder that offers calm waters and incomparable serenity, perfect for those looking for a more relaxed atmosphere.
  3. Beach del Arenal-Bol: About 1.5 kilometers from Imperial Park, Beach Arenal-Bol is known for its scenic beauty and lively atmosphere, where visitors can enjoy a variety of water activities and relax on the shore.
  4. Cala Racó : Approximately 3 kilometers from Imperial Park, Beach Racó offers a quiet and picturesque escape for those seeking a more intimate and natural setting, surrounded by impressive cliffs and calm waters.
  5. La Manzanera Beach: Located just 1 kilometer from Imperial Park, The Manzanera Beach is known for its beautiful cove and peaceful atmosphere, offering a perfect place to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Mediterranean coast.

These iconic Calpe beaches are essential destinations for those wishing to immerse themselves in the serenity and natural beauty of the region, providing an idyllic and accessible escape to enjoy beachfront living.      

Enjoy premium and luxurious features in our Properties for sale in Imperial Park in Calpe

Do you know that our Properties for sale in Imperial Park in Calpe offer a premium lifestyle to live in Spain? These exclusive residences are meticulously designed to provide unparalleled comfort:

  1. Lush natural lighting: Enjoy large spaces bathed in soft and relaxing natural light that floods every corner, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere at all times.
  2. Private and Community Pools: Immerse yourself in an experience of supreme relaxation with private and community pools that provide you with a tranquil retreat to refresh and revitalize amidst luxurious surroundings.
  3. High-quality materials and impeccable finishes: Every detail has been carefully designed with the best materials and finishes, ensuring exceptional quality and impressive aesthetics that enhance the luxury and elegance of your home.
  4. Open and modern spaces: Live in architecturally designed spaces that offer a feeling of modernity and spaciousness, allowing you to enjoy contemporary and luxurious living at all times.

These exclusive features and amenities at Imperial Park properties are designed to offer you a luxurious and indulgent living experience, giving you the opportunity to live in an authentic Mediterranean paradise.

Do you want a real estate advisor for more information about the Properties for sale in Imperial Park in Calpe?

Our in-depth and expert knowledge of the Properties for sale in Imperial Park in Calpe allows us to offer you a diverse portfolio of properties that adapt to your preferences and budget with the greatest detail. From townhouses with panoramic views to stylish modern villas , our portfolio encompasses a wide range of options that are sure to capture your interest and provide you with exciting investment opportunities.

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Properties for sale in Imperial Park in Calpe 

Our Properties for sale in Imperial Park in Calpe offer a unique investment opportunity in an exceptional residential complex. Located in the charming town of Calpe, this exclusive development stands out for its distinctive characteristics and its appeal both for those looking for a vacation residence as well as for those who wish to establish themselves permanently.Imperial Park is distinguished by several advantages that position it as a preferred choice compared to other nearby areas.

  • the privileged location in Calpe guarantees convenient access to beautiful beaches, charming historical corners and essential services.
  • It's Residential enclave It is strategically located to offer the best of coastal and urban living.
  • has a wide range of services,from swimming pools and green areas to gyms and recreation spaces, offering an exclusive lifestyle to its residents.
  • As an investment option, It is crucial to note the constant growth in demand for properties in this area.

 Calpe's popularity as a tourist and residential destination has been increasing, guaranteeing a sustainable return for those looking for a long-term investment.Furthermore, lThe diversity of activities and cultural events in Calpe Adds additional appeal to this enclave, making it a vibrant place all year round. From local festivals to an enriching food scene, Imperial Park offers not just a home, but a complete living experience.

Properties for sale in Imperial Park in Calpe: Discover the Mediterranean Charm

We offer you an exclusive selection of Properties for sale in Imperial Park in Calpe, an enclave that embodies Mediterranean charm in every corner. From Mediterranean townhouses to modern apartments, our resort invites you to discover a life full of luxury and comfort in the picturesque town of Calpe. Discover our range of properties,from cozy Mediterranean townhouses to elegant apartments with panoramic views. Each unit has been designed with attention to detail and high-quality finishes to provide maximum comfort. Reasons to Choose Imperial Park Calpe:

  • Strategic location: Close to beaches, amenities and local attractions.
  • Diversity of Properties: Mediterranean townhouses and apartments to suit all lifestyles.
  • Community Services: Swimming pools, green areas and gyms for a complete residential experience.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Mediterranean and make Imperial Park Calpe your home or holiday retreat. Discover the luxury of living in an environment with the timeless charm of the Mediterranean coast.

Our Properties for sale in Imperial Park in Calpe are excellent options to invest in Costa Blanca

Our Properties for sale in Imperial Park in Calpe Not only do they represent a solid investment opportunity, but they also offer a unique lifestyle in a prime location. With its combination of natural beauty, modern amenities and a prosperous environment, this residential complex presents itself as an exceptional option for both those seeking a summer getaway and for buyers looking for a house on the Costa Blanca,those who want to make Calpe their permanent home.

  • Avenida de Madrid 5, 03724 Moraira, Alicante.
  • +34 966 490 861 |  (+34) 616 002 993