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This is one of the most important factors on which the successful sale of your property will depend.

Many agents will begin this process by asking, you the vendor, ‘what price do you want’ for your property; whilst this is of course relevant, clients are charged a professional fee and should expect that kind of professional service and guidance from their appointed agent. It is important for the agent to understand a little about the client’s circumstances. Are they looking for a quick sale, or the best possible price? Are they selling due to health/age related issues, family reasons, financial reasons, returning to their country of origin, or up/downsizing etc? All the above has a bearing on the overall marketing strategy, including price, of course.

Please ensure all relevant legal paperwork is available for checking: your escritura or copia simplé, certificate of habitation, EPC certificate etc. Please ask us for guidance on this issue. You may need to refer any queries to your Gestor or Solicitor, as it saves any complications nearer to the sale if any issues are dealt with in good time.

A clean, nicely presented home and garden never fails to make a good impression, even though our trained eyes see further than the superficial. Likewise, please attend to any outstanding or overdue re-decoration, both inside and out. 

The valuation we will quote you will be an honest one. We never flatter to deceive; too many agents look upon a valuation as if it is some kind of auction, where they don’t have to face any financial consequence or risk, even if they fail to deliver a sale! The valuation is as much an art as it is a science, and no one gets it right every time. But beware a valuation which is too good to be true just might be precisely that.

We will base our valuation on the property by means of market valuation i.e. where your property sits relative to other similar properties, taking account of both its plus points and possible shortcomings, location, views, convenience, style, age and condition etc. Within the price we also need to allow for our fee, plus IVA, and a percentage for the inevitable ‘offers’ of buyers. 
Whilst the above is no guarantee of a quick sale, it has been proven to expedite and simplify many of our sales, in the past.

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