Properties for sale in Javea

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Properties for sale in Javea

On our website, you can find an extensive and varied range of properties for sale in Javea. We have first and second hand homes. All offered to enjoy a great vacation or a well-deserved retirement. If you are interested in knowing the advantages of living in the Costa Blanca North (Alicante), our real estate agency helps you find your new home.

Why buy one of our properties for sale in Javea?

There are many benefits to living in one of our properties for sale in Javea. The first of all refers to the main reason why many tourists, mostly foreigners, decide to come and live here: the weather. The weather in Javea is great. Its temperatures are characterized by being soft and pleasant in winter and very hot and dry in summer. The average of these two temperatures makes this city ideal for living throughout the year.

In our properties you will not get tired of enjoying the beaches of Javea. In it there are mysterious coves to dive and discover the seabed. Its waters are transparent and clean. The location of our homes will allow you to move in a few minutes to the main beaches of the city.

Another of the many advantages of betting on one of our properties are its prodigious views of the Mediterranean Sea. Some of our houses are located in high points of the city so that you can appreciate an incredible landscape to the coast. If you have always dreamed of waking up on a warm morning and having breakfast on a beautiful terrace while watching unparalleled views of the sea, you can now make it come true.

Another reason to bet on our real estate agency in the city itself. Javea is a great place to live. It has numerous leisure areas so you can discover it with your partner or family. Restaurants with terrace, promenades, museums, bars ...

Your vacation with our properties for sale in Javea

If your holidays are coming and you do not know how to start enjoying them, bet on one of our properties for sale in Javea. If you want to know more details of our homes on the Costa Blanca, come and visit us at Avenida de Madrid 5, 03724 Moraria, Alicante.

You can also arrange your holiday home by calling us at +34 966 490 861 or by sending an email to

Properties for sale in Jávea

Do you have the dream of living in one of the best places in Alicante? With the best properties for sale in Jávea you can live in luxurious homes, as well as being in an incredible location on the Costa Blanca, one of the most famous areas of Spain.

Living in paradise has never been easier, as Jávea has one of the best microclimates in the world, being on a par with local towns such as Moraira or Benitachell. This means that you will rarely have to worry about taking an umbrella, as the winters are usually very mild and rainfall is rare.

If you are a person who values exotic places, you should know that in Jávea you will find all kinds of activities, monuments and adventures so that you can experience unique and daring sensations, ideal to recharge your batteries and forget about all your problems.

On its incredible beaches you can go kayaking, surfing or scuba diving whenever you want, and you will also have the option of joining multiple excursions to make new friends and have fun with other people.

Enjoy living in premium qualities with the properties for sale in Jávea

Do you want to live in the best and most luxurious homes you can find? With the incredible properties for sale in Jávea you will enjoy an unparalleled opportunity to start living the way you deserve.

The materials used for these constructions were designed to generate a warm atmosphere in winter and refreshing in summer, and by using the best insulation in the walls, the perfect stability is achieved.

In addition, the private swimming pools that you will have in the properties for sale will provide you with everything you need to spend the best summers of your life. And although the beach of Jávea is just a few minutes walk from the residences, you will always have more privacy in your own home.

In Jávea properties you can enjoy features such as:

  • Magnificent swimming pools and even saunas all to yourself.
  • Huge open spaces, both outside and inside the houses.
  • Gardens full of vegetation and totally private.
  • High quality furnishings built in.
  • From two to 10 bedrooms in one property for families or individuals.
  • Perfect lighting throughout the homes.

As you can see, the options for acquiring the best properties in Jávea are very varied and only you can make this a reality.

You will live thousands of adventures thanks to the properties for sale in Jávea

In the heart of Moraira, our professional team full of people with very high capacities and a distinguished human value will be able to fulfil what you need, and that is to acquire one of the properties for sale in Jávea.

Feel truly supported by our understanding and benefit from the exclusive and personalised service we provide to our clients, because you deserve to be taken care of and we do just that!

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