Plots for sale in Benissa Costa

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Plots for sale in Benissa Costa

Select Villa helps people who are looking for a new form of investment or a new option to build what they have always wanted. Our real estate agency in Moraira refers to the offer of their plots for sale in Benissa Costa. The magic of our land lies in its location.

Benissa is a beautiful city in the north of the province of Alicante with a wonderful coastline of 4 kilometers. Our plots are offered at key points in the territory so that, at the moment you decide which will be your starting point on the terrain, you can enjoy yourself (or someone else) from all the advantages of Benissa.

One of the main characteristics that you will appreciate at a glance, is precisely its views of the Mediterranean coast. Explain in words the beauty that you will contemplate from your plot is almost indescribable. From our properties, the sea gives the feeling that it unites perfectly to the earth forming a single unit. The panoramic views will trick you into unforgettable moments of the past.

What kind of enjoyment do you have in mind in our plots for sale in Benissa Costa?

Many of our plots for sale in Benissa Costa are ready to build high quality homes. Imagine being able to enjoy those wonderful views mentioned above, but sitting on your terrace, while enjoying a great breakfast.

You can also make our land an investment model. Cultivate the food you want or build the property you want. We will help you choose the best option. What we are sure of, is that you will win by betting on one of our properties.

Because having a plot with prodigious views of the coast of Benissa is almost a privilege, but being able to enjoy them under a great climate is a dream you can access.

If you are thinking about buying one of our plots for sale in Benissa Costa, do not hesitate to get in touch with us

If you have had the dream, since you were young, to have a private plot for your use and enjoyment, now you can make it come true with Select Villas, Our plots for sale in Benissa Costa await you at Avenida de Madrid 5, 03724 Moraria, Alicante.

If you have any doubt about the benefits of our properties or of any particular aspect of our real estate agency, you can call us by phone at +34 966 490 861 or +34 677 197 159 and ask us your questions. Also, you can ask your questions to the email

Plots for sale in Benissa Costa

The plots for sale in Benissa Costa are situated in one of the best locations to enjoy the great sunny days and the Mediterranean sea in all its amplitude, where you will be amazed by the crystal clear waters of its beaches.

Benissa Costa is a small town in the Costa Blanca area. Its province is Alicante and its location is surrounded by incredible villages such as Moraira, making it a paradisiacal area to visit in summer.

Even so, Benissa Costa has a life of its own, as it is a town surrounded by maritime treasures, which is why scuba diving and sailing are two of the most popular activities to do.

It is enchanting to dive into the incredible waters of its beaches, where you will be able to observe a marine fauna as alive as in no other place. The town also has a wealth of ancient history and you can even visit cave paintings millions of years old.

And how quiet is Benissa Costa? The truth is that, like its surrounding villages such as Moraira, this town is one of the quietest you will find, and where privacy will be its strongest point.

The best views and up to a thousand square metres on the plots for sale in Benissa Costa

Buying one of the plots for sale in Benissa Costa has many positive points, especially considering that it is an excellent area to live and build your dream home. And forget about problems, it has never been so easy!

You have to know that the plots have a great amplitude, where you will have up to a thousand square metres to do whatever you want with the land. Do you want to be the one who builds your own house? The plots for sale can really give you a lot, where you can make everything you can imagine come true.

In addition, the views you will have on the plots will always be excellent and the beach will always be just a few minutes walk away, but you will be able to see it from your own plot. And of course, connections to mains electricity and water will not be a problem, as they have everything at their disposal so that the owners will not have any problems.

Build your dream with the plots for sale in Benissa costa

Plots for sale in Benissa Costa are one of the best options if your intention is to live a luxurious but peaceful life. At Select Villas we work from Moraira so that you can fulfil your aspirations and acquire an incredible plot for the most economical price.

Our professional team has great human qualities and will know how to understand your needs at all times, they have great linguistic knowledge and experience in transmitting the Spanish and Alicante culture to all types of people.

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