Resale Apartments in Teulada

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Resale Apartments in Teulada

If you decide to buy one of our wonderful resale apartments in Teulada, you will be able to know all the qualities offered by the Costa Blanca North (Alicante). Teulada is a beautiful and charming city in the southeast of Spain that has fantastic beaches.

The main responsible for offering such a quality is its climate. The sun and the heat are the maximum climatological protagonists of Teulada. The sun usually stays for more than half of the day, reaching an annual average of 2,800 hours, analysts say. The more hours of sun, the warmer the environment. This is what happens in Teulada, especially in winter. Despite being at a time of year with moderately low temperatures, the sun allows a mild and pleasant climate.

As we said, the beaches of Teulada are fantastic. Its waters are very transparent and very clean. Ideal to practice snorkeling or other maritime activity. Your sand is very comfortable. You can lie on it and sunbathe for as long as you want.

How are our resale apartments in Teulada?

Our resale apartments in Teulada are characterized by offering modern qualities and high quality. They have areas that could perfectly offer other houses of new construction.

In many of our second hand apartments in Teulada you can enjoy a home with incredible views of the Mediterranean coast. A Mediterranean landscape that will help you face your day to day with more energy and enthusiasm.

In another of our apartments you can bathe in one of its pools or rest in one of its wonderful gardens. Probably, you can also do both at the same time as some of our properties allow you to enjoy these two wonderful areas.

If you want to know more information about our resale apartments in Teulada, get in touch with us

If you are very interested in buying one of our resale apartments in Teulada but you need to get more information, our agents will provide it. You can come and meet them in person at Avenida de Madrid 5, 03724 Moraria - Alicante.

Another way to contact our real estate agents is by calling them at +34 966 490 861 or +34 677 197 159. Finally, you can get that information you need by sending us an email to