Sell a house in Moraira

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Sell a house in Moraira

Do you want to sell a house in Moraira and you don't know where to start? Contact SELECT VILLAS and don't worry about the rest. We take care of all the procedures and inform you about:

  • the evolution of the sales process
  • the documentation that you must prepare
  • those interested in your home and their comments when they visit it
  • the currency exchange and how it affects the price of your home
  • etc.

Moraira is one of the most beautiful towns on the North Costa Blanca . Along its eight kilometers of varied coastline we find idyllic coves hidden among the Mediterranean pine forests that almost invade the beaches. Throughout the year a bright and radiant sun shines that allows you to be in contact with Nature at any time, go for a bike ride or go hiking along the routes that you will find in the surroundings of this beautiful town. In July you will love practicing fun water sports or relaxing while tanning by the sea.

Summer is an ideal time to put your house for sale in Moraira. Due to the great tourist boom of this town, its population triples and, many of its visitors are captivated by this beautiful place of the Spanish Mediterranean deciding to buy a property to spend long periods of vacation or to move after retirement.

5 tips for selling a house in Moraira

If you want to sell a house in Moraira, a fundamental factor is the first impression that the house offers to the potential interested party. For this, we hope that you find the following recommendations to sell a home that we offer you very useful:

  • Present your house neat and clean
  • Pull up the blinds to let in the sunlight and see the views
  • Have parking planned for the client
  • It offers a well-kept garden and a swimming pool with transparent water
  • If you have pets, try not to disturb

The house will be much more attractive if it is clean and tidy . Check that all the light bulbs work, that a faucet does not leak, collect children's toys, personal belongings, hanging clothes, ... Separate the curtains and raise the blinds so that you can see the great luminosity of the house and its views. It presents an airy house. If it is an area where it is difficult to park, plan a car park for the customer, avoiding having to spend a lot of time looking for a place to leave the car. If it is a chalet or a semi-detached house, the garden must be well cared for, without weeds, with the grass cut, without clutter in the middle. It is recommended that the pool is full and with transparent water. Finally, if you have nowhere to close your dog, make sure it does not bother. Maybe the visitor doesn't like animals!

Contact SELECT VILLAS to sell a house in Moraira

If you want to sell a house in Moraira, contact us and we will inform you about all the steps that are necessary for the sale to be carried out easily and quickly. We are waiting for you at our offices located at Avda. De Madrid, 5 - 03724 Moraira (Alicante). If you prefer, you can contact:

Sell a house in Moraira

At SELECT VILLAS we find it very easy to sell a house in Moraira because we have the most innovative marketing tools and the most competent sales skills. In addition, Moraira is one of the most desired places to live all year round or acquire a second holiday home. If you have a house in Moraira you have more possibilities of selling it because it is one of the most valued destinations at an international level . And it is not surprising because Moraira, a small coastal municipality of La Marina Alta in Alicante, not only offers paradisiacal beaches with crystal clear waters, sun more than 300 days a year and a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle, but also It is also one of the few locations that has best known how to conserve its natural environment and integrate its urban growth while respecting the environment at all times. 40 years ago, this corner of the Costa Blanca was a small group of fishermen's houses facing the sea. Currently, Moraira has become a very important point of tourist interest and therefore has:

  • City hall
  • Jumble sale
  • Post Office
  • private medical offices
  • Clothing stores and boutiques
  • International and traditional high-quality restaurants
  • Banks
  • Clinic
  • Etc.

In addition, the gastronomy of this area is quite an experience, since it has top quality rice dishes and fresh fish of all kinds . Leisure is also very present in Moraira through live music venues, a library and an exhibition hall.

Why sell a house in Moraira with SELECT VILLAS?

Below, we describe the reasons why selling a house in Moraira with SELECT VILLAS is an excellent option.

  • Legal support and total guarantee: we manage all legal procedures correctly
  • Tranquility: you will feel calm at all times because you will see that we are dedicated to the sale of your property. You will see the status of the sale of your home in real time from your private online area.
  • Comfort: you will not have to worry about anything, you will only have to order the rooms of your home when we go to take the photographs.
  • Security: having a real estate specialist in the sector and in Moraira will give you the security that you will be able to sell it in a short time and successfully.

What tools do we use to sell a house in Moraira with full guarantee?

Our SELECT VILLAS agency will help you sell a house in Moraira in less time than you think through attractive services :

  • quality photographs
  • Video tours (for exclusive clients)
  • TV advertising
  • Physical promotion (brochures) and online (social networks, Google Ads, SEO positioning, etc.)
  • Attractive property description
  • Sponsorships
  • office showcase

If you want to know more, ask any questions or get to know us, we show you the contact channels so that one of our agents can assist you in a personalized way. Telephones: +34 966 490 861 | +34 616 002 993 | Email: | Address: Avda. De Madrid, 5 - 03724 Moraira (Alicante).