Sell a property on the Costa Blanca

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Sell a property on the Costa Blanca

Are you moving back to your home country, do you want to buy a bigger house in Spain, have you just inherited a property on the Costa Blanca and want to sell it? There are many reasons why you may want to sell a property on the Costa Blanca and need a reliable real estate agent.

At SELECT VILLAS we offer you excellent conditions that will allow you to sell your property in a stress-free, pleasant and relaxed way. Our offices are located in the most commercial area of Moraira, with a large influx of people. We also work with the most important national and international real estate portals. We have a wealth of experience in international property sales on the Costa Blanca, so you will quickly see our professionalism and integrity. We are fluent in several languages. In addition, we will advise you on the most appropriate presentation of your property, as the first impression that interested parties receive when they visit your property is of great importance. We will produce a high quality photographic dossier, with very bright images and where the details of the property can be appreciated. We will inform you about the visits that your house receives and the valuations of the possible interested parties.

For our exclusive clients we offer very special conditions, among which we highlight:

  • Reduced percentage of our commission fees
  • Design of floor plans of the property
  • We issue the Energy Efficiency Certificate free of charge.
  • Making of a 360º video tour
  • Display in the window of our offices
  • Google Ads and Facebook advertising campaigns

Why trust SELECT VILLAS to sell a property on the Costa Blanca?

If you want to sell a property on the Costa Blanca, our real estate agents are experts in the most touristic areas, being able to inform you about the existing services and infrastructures in each locality. We have a team of highly qualified professionals who will offer you an excellent service. We will offer you a real valuation of the property, adapted to the current market price and taking into account:

  • The surface area and the state of conservation of the house.
  • The environment in which it is located and the services it offers.
  • The views: park, private garden, avenue with traffic, commercial area... 

 In addition, we will advise you on possible revisions to the selling price of the property, depending on the change in market price or currency value. Whenever you wish, you can consult your private area of the provider, where you will find all the information related to the performance of your property. We have an online newsletter that we send weekly to our large database of potential buyers, where we include our properties.

To sell a property on the Costa Blanca contact us today

The professionalism of our team together with the advanced marketing tools we offer you are the best way to sell a property on the Costa Blanca. If you want to sell your property contact us today and we will explain our work plan. We will give you full attention and take care of all the formalities involved in selling your property in Spain.

Contacting us will be very easy for you. Choose the most convenient way for you:

  • Fill in the form that appears on the web.
  • Telephones: +34 966 490 861 | +34 616 002 993
  • Office: Avda. de Madrid, 5 - 03724 Moraira (Alicante)
  • Email:

Sell a property on the Costa Blanca

Are you thinking of selling a property on the Costa Blanca because you no longer use it? At SELECT VILLAS we give you effective advice that will allow you to have the perfect house and in this way we can make a professional report of photographs that attract attention and interest potential buyers:

  • All rooms must be tidy, clean and ventilated
  • Collect all your personal items, store them in your closet so they are not visible.
  • Check for moisture or worn bulbs
  • Raise the blinds so that the house is as bright as possible
  • Place your furniture in a spacious way in order to provide a sense of harmony and spaciousness

If you follow these easy tips you will get a much more pleasant and beautiful image that will capture the attention of many interested parties . We take care of the rest (photographs, video, persuasive texts, portal promotion, Google positioning, price negotiation, etc.). We have very effective communication and marketing techniques such as:

  • Housing advertising brochure in different languages
  • social media advertising
  • newsletter
  • exhibitions
  • Collaborations
  • Sponsorships

We have helped thousands of clients to sell a property on the Costa Blanca

Our extensive experience has allowed us to help thousands of clients sell a property on the Costa Blanca. Our entire team of professionals has great skills and abilities to achieve the best price for the sale of a property. In addition, we have innovative resources such as digital visits that help potential buyers save time, money and effort when traveling. Many interested parties will be able to see the house virtually and from the comfort of their home in real time while our multilingual agent explains all the details of your house and answers all the questions that arise.

In addition, our agents have great communication skills , which helps them to convince many people to buy properties for sale. They also know very well the main interests of those interested in acquiring a house for sale in Costa Blanca. Therefore, they emphasize how it would improve their quality of life and all the qualities that your property has for sale.

We manage all the procedures to sell a property on the Costa Blanca

Selling a property on the Costa Blanca from private individual to private individual is not an easy task. For this reason, the best alternative to forget about all the problems that selling your house on your own would entail is to have our real estate services. We advise you and manage all the necessary documentation that a sale in Spain requires, always complying with the law. In addition, we speak seven languages (Spanish, Dutch, German, English...) and this helps us to communicate fluently with buyers from different countries and in this way we make them feel confident and calm.

How can you contact us?

  • Fill in the form on our website
  • Call +34 966 490 861 | +34 616 002 993
  • Write to us at
  • Visit us at our agency located at Avda. de Madrid, 5 - 03724 Moraira (Alicante) Spain.